How to look great in your wedding photos

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Everybody wants to look great in their wedding photographs. From the hundreds of weddings I have shot, I have collected a few tips & tricks to help you look your best on your special day. It is mostly about having fun and being yourself! From the biggest extrovert to the shyer people out there, I hope you find the article helpful! 

Have an Early Night the Night Before

Get all the last minute stuff done a few days before the wedding. That way, you can totally chill the day before and de-stress! A nice relaxing spa visit will work wonders for your body and mind. Getting pampered all day with a massage will have you well chilled and ready for the big day ahead. A nice relaxing meal with the girls and an early bedtime will have you glowing and full of energy in the morning.

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Enjoy Yourself!

Your wedding day is supposed to be fun. Worrying about stuff on the day will show on your face and in the photographs. Have faith that everything is going to be brilliant and even if small annoyances happen, stay in the moment and let them pass right over you. Grab that glass of bubbly and do a jig with the girls! The more relaxed you are the better you will look in the photographs.

Get to Know Your Photographer

You are going to spend the whole day with your photographer so it’s wise to try to get to know them as much as possible before you book. You might love a photographers work, but if you don’t click or even feel uncomfortable around them that won’t help you get great photographs on your wedding day. Insist on a meeting or Skype before you book to get a good feel for your photographer. Here’s a guide on When To Book Your Wedding Photographer.

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Be Yourself

Like most people you probably don’t like getting your photograph taken. Rather than trying to fake it, the trick is to just let yourself go and enjoy the day. Laugh, cry and love in equal measure and know that your photographer will capture all of your special moments where you are being yourself. Everybody looks great when they are relaxed and smiling, so just get lost in the moment! Here is a guide for any stressed grooms out there on How To Give A Great Grooms Speech.

Hire a Documentary Wedding Photographer

A lot of people don’t like posing for photographs and it is one of the main reasons people book me. A documentary wedding photographer will take a step back and try to be as unobtrusive as they can. As they photograph you naturally with no direction, in next to no time you will forget they are there and be able to focus on having fun. If you are happy, relaxed and having fun you will forget you are being photographed and hey presto! Great photographs will magically happen!

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Get Emotional During the Couple Shoot

Don’t play up for the camera, but instead try to forget you are being photographed and really try to connect with your partner. Tell them how much you love them and get lost in their gaze. Make each other laugh and just have an amazing time. Help your photographer by thinking about how you like to hold or lean into your partner for a more natural look and a happier you.

Have an Engagement shoot

The more you get to know your photographer, the more relaxed you will be in your photographs. An engagement shoot is ideal for this. Your photographer will get to know what you are comfortable with and what you are not. You will have a great time resulting in a fabulous set of images in which you look fab. Knowing your photographer can make you look fantastic will give you loads of confidence on your wedding day. Now you know How to find the right photographer for you, here is a guide on When To Book Your Wedding Photographer.

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I hope you found the article helpful! If you want to get to know me and see if I can be a good fit for your wedding, get in touch to set up a meeting or Skype chat. I would love to hear more about you guys and about your plans for your big day!

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