When to Book Your Wedding Photographer

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As a newly engaged couple who are Planning a Wedding, there are so many things to do it can be a little overwhelming! So, knowing when to book your wedding photographer is important. I think the first thing that newly engaged couples do is to book the wedding venue. Once you have your date and venue confirmed you are in a position to book your wedding photographer.

Although I book weddings over two years in advance and even just a few months before the wedding, the vast majority of weddings are booked 9-12 months in advance, with 18 months being a close second. If you Want a Relaxed Wedding Day you need to plan early.

The answer to the question When to Book your wedding photographer will be different depending on a few important factors. Have you booked your venue?  Did you choose a busy date? How much do you value photography? And depending on how you answered that last question you will know what you will need to spend on your wedding photography. If you haven’t chosen your wedding photographer yet, here is How To Find The Right Wedding Photographer For You.


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Have You Booked Your Venue?

I sometimes get enquiries from couples who have not yet booked the venue and so don’t have a solid date for the wedding. Although I will try and answer all of their questions and help as much as possible, the fact remains the date is not fixed so I cannot pencil in dates or confirm anything. So, if you want to book your photographer or any other vendor you need your wedding date and venue confirmed and booked.

Did you Choose a popular date?

The most popular wedding days are Saturdays in the summer. Guests don’t have to book time from work and have a day to recover before work on Monday!! Here’s a helpful article on How to Create A Wedding Guest List. It being summer we also expect the weather to be kind to us. Although recently, there has been a trend towards early Autumn dates in September. So, if you have a ‘hot’ date (scuse the pun!) I would guess you are booking at least 18 months in advance, as it’s not easy to get a good venue any later. Some couples might get a cancellation and that is generally the realm of people who get engaged at Christmas and want to get married the same year! So, if you are planning things ahead this far with a very competitive day it makes sense to nab your preferred photographer straight away. (That’s if photography is important to you of course, which it must be if you are reading this!!) Although you might have a wedding in the winter on a Friday or even midweek, so your chances are much greater of booking your preferred photographer. But like anything, if it’s important to you get it done!

How much do you value photography?

The answer to all of these three questions (how much do you value photography, did you get a popular date and your budget) are interdependent and how much you value photography will also affect how much you are prepared to pay for a photographer. So if you love photography and want valuable memories and fab portraits you will certainly want to start looking earlier and ideally straight after you book your venue. On the flip side, if photography is just another tick on your list your expectations will be lower so can cover a wider group of wedding photographers. If your photography is important, you will want to know How To Look Great in Your Wedding Photos.

What is your Budget for Photography?

 If you have a low budget, don’t panic! You can still get yourself a great photographer if you book out of season and on a Friday or even midweek. I myself offer lower rates during the offseason and I am always happy to offer a discount if it’s a good venue I haven’t shot at before. So don’t despair if photography is important to you but you have a lower budget!

If you are in a busy season and want a good photographer the average price in the UK for a wedding photographer is £1500 so plan on this as a minimum for a decent photographer. If you love photography and have a bigger budget you can spend more than the average if you see a photographer you really love. If you want the photographer that fits your vision the most it is always best to start early as it can take months of research to find the perfect photographer for you.

If you are planning your wedding and think I might be a good fit for your wedding, get in touch to tell me more about your plans!



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