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There are so many great Liverpool wedding photographers it must make your head spin thinking about which photographer to choose for your wedding. How do you define best? With so many styles & approaches, the best wedding photographer (for you) will be the one who matches your style and your vision!


When you are looking for your photographer for your special day, the advice I would give you would be:


Once you have found a few wedding photographers that you really like. You really like the style and feel of the photographs, you feel it's what you are looking for for your wedding. Make a shortlist of the photographers. The next thing to do is get in touch with each of them, and find out if they are within your budget. If so that’s great! Next thing is to arrange a video call with them.


Getting to know your wedding photographer is very important as they are going to be with you throughout your wedding day. You need to have a connection, and it’s also great if they share your approach to life. That way it will be like having a friend with you as you go through the rollercoaster of emotions during your special day. The last thing you want is a wedding photographer you don’t even like on your special day!


Planning a wedding in Liverpool must be tough too! So many wedding venues, a wedding dress to choose, cars, flowers, shoes….. it can be quite a daunting experience!

I hope I can help you with your decision in finding the RIGHT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER for your wedding.

Press Play, Sit Back, Turn Up The Volume, and Enjoy My Fave Images From 2022!

How Much Should You Pay for a Wedding Photographer in Liverpool?

Like anything in life, How much you should pay for your wedding photographer will depend on how much you can reasonably afford and also how important wedding photography is to you. You need to balance the cost of the wedding photographer with the cost of the entire wedding.


The cost of an experienced Liverpool wedding photographer will range from £1000 up to £3000. The biggest factor when it comes to how much a wedding photographer charges is experience. Contacting a few photographers you like will give you an idea of how much you will need to spend to get the quality of photography you are looking for.


After getting prices from a few different photographers you can then budget for your wedding. My advice is to shortlist a few photographers within your budget and a few slightly over your budget. Then it’s a case of narrowing down your results before you get the final shortlist. From this list, you can then take things further and arrange a video call to see if the photographer clicks with you! The video call is also a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

How Long Do I Need to Hire A Wedding Photographer?

The answer to this question will largely depend on what you have planned for your wedding. Most weddings are full days affairs, usually lasting from 10-12 hours. You might be eloping or only want a small registry office wedding. If you are having a small wedding it’s just a case of asking the photographer if they offer bespoke packages for a few hours.


If you are having a full wedding day the best way to determine how long you will need to hire your wedding photographer is to use the ceremony time as a main indicator. Then you need to work out if you are getting ready at the wedding ceremony venue, or a location away from the ceremony. Is it a church wedding? How far are you getting ready from the ceremony location?


From this information, your photographer could start shooting from anywhere between 2-4 hours before the wedding ceremony. Then if you know the time of the first dance you will get the total time that the photographer needs to stay.


As a rule, my full day's package includes up to 3 hours before the wedding and I always stay for a little while after the first dance depending on how lively the dance floor is after! I can always add on more coverage from this base package.

How to Choose a wedding photographer

As you browse through the available wedding photographers you will home in on the style of photography you like best. Do you like natural shots of real unstaged moments? Would you like plenty of formal photographs? Do you want excellent portraits? There will be wedding photographers who lean more toward one of these styles than others so this will help you choose the right photographer for you. You might find a wedding photographer who really nails the natural stuff, but their portraits aren’t doing it for you, conversely, you might love a photographer's portrait work but the natural stuff is not as strong. Most photographers will be a mix of the different styles of wedding photography.


The three main styles of wedding photography are:


Editorial or contemporary photography


The emphasis of this style of photography is fashion-inspired imagery. The photographer is looking for exciting lighting and angles and if done properly the images can look straight out of a magazine. The downsides are, the photographer can impose their vision on your day rather than capture the mood of the day.


Reportage or Documentary Wedding photography


While the documentary style is not new in the world of photography, it is relatively new in the wedding industry. The aim of the documentary wedding photographer is to document the day as it happens without directing or controlling events, forming a narrative. A good reportage/documentary wedding photographer will capture stunning natural shots full of emotion brought to life by the photographer's artistic vision. You need to check with your photographer if they also provide traditional group photographs too. Most will do this but it’s worth checking all the same.


Traditional or Classic Wedding photography


Traditional wedding photography, also known as classic was the defacto approach when cameras shot film. Camera film was so expensive coverage was usually limited to posed shots at key events throughout the day. In the digital era, there is almost no limit to the number of photographs that can be taken, so this style has diminished somewhat. Traditional photography focuses on taking posed shots of the couple at each stage of the wedding day and can take lots of time, especially during the drinks reception.


To be fair most modern photographers combine a little of all styles and will vary in their leanings between the different styles. My personal approach is mainly documentary. I love capturing real moments from the best parts of your day in the best possible light. I also love using natural light to produce some amazing contemporary portraits of the couple. I also shoot the family groups quickly and with good humor!

Documentary Wedding photos in Liverpool


Whatever style of wedding photography a particular photographer leans towards, you can't escape the fact that there are certain parts of the day that cannot be staged or directed. The ceremony, Speeches, and the first dance. These are probably the most important parts of the wedding day.


Documentary photographs can tell a story in many images or just one. I love capturing the real ‘look’ of love between the bride and the groom. It’s great when you can see the love between the couple! A good documentary shot has the power to give the subject of the photograph the experience of reliving the emotions they originally felt at that moment. For me, that is the ultimate achievement as a wedding photographer.


I want my clients to feel the photographs, not just see what happened on the day. Most of my work is documentary, although I also like to bring out my creative side with artistic photographs of the couple!


Wedding photography Packages

If you are looking for the perfect wedding photography package for your Liverpool wedding you need to think about what type of day you are having. You might just want the photographer to start at the ceremony and stay for a few hours to photograph some formal groups and portraits of the two of you. You might want a full day, from bridal preparations right up to the first dance.


You might also want the groom’s preparations photographed too. There are ways of doing this without hiring a second photographer, although if you are getting ready a distance from each other you might want to think about hiring a second photographer. Your wedding can be a small civil ceremony, I have personally shot weddings with the couple and just their children! (They even took me for a meal afterward. Bless!!)


You might want a little more and go for a short 6-hour package which if the ceremony is a little later can fit in the first dance too. You might also want the photographer to stay all day at a no expense spared lavish wedding. I can cater to every need, so please get in touch to organise the best wedding package for you and your fiancé.

How to Book a Wedding Photographer


You have found your wedding photographer! You love their images, They are within your budget (or a little over, you loved them that much!)and the video call went amazing. You really clicked with them! It's time to secure that date. To book your wedding photographer for your special day you will need to sign a contract that will protect you and the photographer equally.


Make sure you read through properly and ask any questions if you are not sure of anything. A booking fee which is a part of the overall fee will secure your wedding date and that’s it! All done! You now have the wedding photographer That shares your vision for your day!

Get Closer

To The Feeling

Hi, I’m David and I’m a wedding photographer based in Liverpool whoCovers the North West and the whole of the UK. I give couples the opportunity to relive their wedding day with photographs of real moments that have meaning and value.


I want you to be able to view your photographs in years to come and remember what you were feeling at that moment. Photographs that explode from the screen that show how amazing your wedding looked but also how it felt.


You can get lost in your day while I photograph a beautiful set of images that are real moments from your day.


Imagine yourself sitting down with your kids in the future and showing them what your wedding was really like. All the important stuff – the hugs, the tears, and the laughter. A priceless experience. Photographs only an experienced Wedding photographer can capture.





Wedding Photography In Liverpool

Spend Your Wedding Day

With Friends and Family

Not Your Photographer


Enjoy your day with the people that matter the most. With minimum direction or intrusion from your photographer, you can spend more time with your friends and family.


I understand what it feels like to have a camera in your face, and although I love photography I don’t like being photographed.



This inspired me to develop a style of wedding photography for people who want great photographs but don’t want any hassle getting them.


The last thing you want for your wedding day is a bossy photographer who takes up too much of your precious time and takes you away from your guests for hours.


You Want Great Photographs

With No Awkward Posing

Relaxed Portraits of you two having fun together.


I have developed a style of wedding photography that captures great images of the two of you together, without you ever feeling awkward or uncomfortable.


You want great photographs but don’t want to feel uncomfortable or even bored to get them.

You will receive a collection of natural-looking portraits of the two of you looking happy and relaxed, from a Liverpool Wedding photographer who understands how to photograph even the most camera-shy couple!

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I am a member of Fearless photographers and Wedding Photography Select (WPS). I have been featured in various national wedding blogs including Brides up North, The English Wedding Blog, Boho Weddings and Easy Weddings. I have also been featured in County Bride magazine.

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"We couldn't be happier with our wedding photos. David caught every moment and has a talent for really capturing people's emotions. He put everyone at ease and was very charming. We all felt so comfortable, that it felt like he was one of the guests! We could not have anticipated how amazing the final photos turned out to be. They were all that we hoped for and much more. He went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy and the photos he took were beautiful and timeless.


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“Every time we look at the pictures we are taken back to that very moment and relive it all over again; you cannot ask for more than that”


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