How to choose your images for your wedding album


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The idea of choosing your album from 100s of images might feel like a daunting task. It doesn’t need to be if you have a structured approach. You can turn what could be a chore into something exciting and fun if you follow my guidelines below! If you are still undecided about getting an album here is a guide that will hopefully convince you Why You Should Get a Wedding Album.

Do it Sooner (Rather Than Later!)

Choose the images while you are still excited with your images so it will still be fun. The longer you leave it could become a chore which is the last thing you want. Set aside a weekend to do it over a few glasses of wine. Choosing them together will make the process more meaningful.

Share the Experience

Share the experience of choosing the images whilst also being diplomatic about it. With each partner choosing half the images you will have an album you will both love.



Choose Images You Really Love

Your album is going to be for the rest of your life. Choose images that you both love to bits, not images you think you should choose. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of choosing images that you think people will expect to be there (especially parents!). Remember you have all the other images to look at on your USB.

Tell Your Story

Try and choose the images for somebody who never attended the wedding. Thinking this way you will create an album which  tells the story of your day.





Look at the Album Again After a Few Days

If you give yourself a little time and look back over the album, you will know if the album works. A lot of designers use this technique to perfect and change their designs and it will work for you too. Looking at the album with fresh eyes will give you a feel of the flow of the album and any wrong choices can easily be identified.

Pace the Album Well

Choosing too many images from a certain part of the day will make the album feel uneven. Your album will flow much better with a balanced choice of images from each part of the day. Ask a friend or family member to help you by looking at your choices and ask if it feels heavy in any section.





Choose the Album With In’s Rather Than Out’s

You will choose your album much quicker and with less pain, if you choose the images that you want in the album rather than eliminating definitely not’s. Your first list of images will contain a lot fewer images so whittling them down will be much easier.

If You love Too Many Images Order a Few More Spreads!

Every wedding photographer has a standard number of images you can choose for your album. If you are still struggling after weeks of whittling down to reach that number it might be an idea to add a few spreads to the album. Remember your album is going to be your family heirloom, so for that relatively small extra cost, you will have an album you are totally happy with.

I hope you found this article useful. If you follow my tips you will create an album that really flows and tells the amazing story of your wedding day! Just think of the fun you will have showing it to your kids and grandchildren in the future. A good wedding album should be an amazing family heirloom that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment! If you are still not convinced about getting a wedding album you should at least consider Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photographs.



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