Why I Love This Picture – Big Kiss For Nan

I totally fall in love with every wedding I shoot. As a wedding photographer I get to witness a lot of big emotions and wonderful things happening throughout the day. I love capturing as many of these amazing moments as I can, and capturing images like this one really is a massive buzz.

My style of photography is totally natural so I am looking out for great moments constantly. And a wedding is overflowing with them. I mean literally spilling over with so many big emotions it can sometimes make my head spin. A wedding is like real life x10. The whole day is totally loved up and everyone is absolutely delighted for the couple. They are also determined to have as much fun as they can. A great combination!

Bride gives nan a big kiss

I loved this particular wedding just a little more than usual because I really got on with the couple. Sometimes you just click with your clients and it makes the day even more amazing to photograph. I love trying for more artistic compositions, and I love capturing fantastic couple shots. Although it is moments like this one that I think my clients will value the most in years to come. The bride and her Nan had been chatting away for a while and I was watching and waiting for this moment. The look of pure joy on the Nan’s face as her beloved granddaughter gives her a big kiss is so beautiful and life affirming.

That is why I love this photograph and I love being a wedding photographer. Keeping big memories alive for lovely people is an amazing thing.

If you are a looking for a stress free wedding day, without having to worry about the photography please get in touch!

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