you look good on the dance floor – why I love this picture.

The wedding first dance is the start of the wedding night celebrations.  Most couples opt for the safe slow shuffle to a well loved (usually slow) song.

Some couples choreograph a dance too, but this is the only time I have witnessed a pogo to a fast rock song!

Lucy & Craig are massive music fans and had a music festival theme for the wedding breakfast. Each guest was also given a wrist armband like at a real festival!

They also had a load of their fave band logos on the wedding cake, which was brilliant touch.

As you can see from the picture the happy couple danced a pogo to a rock song, played by The Slinky Band.

They are the best wedding band I have had the pleasure to hear  – If you are in the market for a band that can play a rock classic up to the latest indie anthem these boys really rock. They had ALL of the guests up on the dance floor.

I love this picture because you can see both Lucy & Craig are having a fantastic time dancing to a favourite song.

I love the expressions on their faces, especially Craig’s, his face say’s a lot about the way he is feeling!

It’s hard for most people to let themselves go on the dance floor, so it it’s great when a couple try do things a little differently and really let themselves go.

It was the perfect start to the evening celebrations and with the amazing performance by the Slinky band; I got some fantastic shots of people really letting it go!

I hope you love this photograph too.

Bride and groom dancing the first dance

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