just the two of us – why i love this picture

I have included two photographs for this post of why I love this picture. Sometimes one image doesn’t tell the full story and this is certainly one of those occasions.

For the couple a wedding can be an exhausting time speaking to so many friends and family. Of course everybody wants to catch up with you and wish you all the best for the future. And you want to connect with as many of your guests as you can. Some of your friends and family could have travelled across the world!

For any couple it’s a relief to step away from the limelight and spend some time together appreciating the new status and letting it sink in.

As a documentary wedding photographer it’s fantastic to capture moments like this one. The bride and groom were about to be announced into the wedding breakfast. The bride gave the groom a kiss and a lovely smile afterwards.  It is photographs like these two, which will really bring the memory of the wedding day back for the client.

Because I am focusing on the real events of the day I am capturing moments which will bring back real memories for my clients as well as stuff they were not around to witness. At no point in the day do I get involved or try and create or orchestrate moments.

I also take my couples for a very relaxed portrait shoot which gives them a little time away from the crowd, and we get to capture some shots of the couple just having fun with no posing or direction from me. A lot of my couples say it was great to get away from the wedding and spend some time alone.

I love this picture because it is a real, intimate moment between the couple. Nothing says I love you more than a kiss, and the loving smile from the bride in the second image really makes this pair of photographs very special.

Its photographs like this two that make it so rewarding being a documentary wedding photographer. This is the real thing. A real kiss and I didn’t have to do anything but be there and capture it.

I hope the bride and groom will be able to remember this moment every time they view their wedding photographs.

bride kisses the groom

Bride and groom smiling together

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