The brides mum & dad – why I love this picture

I absolutely love weddings, I really do. Before I became a wedding photographer I had quite a different view. I thought weddings were an out-dated tradition.

My whole attitude changed when I started photographing weddings and being caught up in the absolute thrill of the day.

From the bridal preparations that can feel like the morning of Christmas with all family members absolutely brimming with happiness for the bride and groom. The kids are so funny too, because for them it’s better than Christmas as they get to be a little princess for the day!

So as you photograph this amazing day, the buzz rubs off onto you as well!

brides mum and dad

I feel a part of the day with the family and my clients and go through all of the moments and highs that the day brings.

I remember going to a seminar by a massive American wedding photographer called Joe Buisink. It was great to listen to somebody who loves people like the way I do as he explained why he shot weddings.

It was almost like I was listening to myself! The only question I wanted to ask was if he still felt the emotion during the ceremony. He answered he still did after all of the years he had been a wedding photographer!

I am pretty sure I will feel the same way abut weddings in twenty years as I feel now – in total awe of the day and the people involved.

I love this picture because it shows the love between the mother & father of the bride. They were absolutely lovely people and I had a laugh all day with the Father Mark.

It was such a thrill capturing this photo because I know it will be treasured by the family in years to come. It is a real moment of love and affection between a couple and it’s preserved for all time.

The reason why i love weding photography so much is because `I love meeting and getting to know people.

To capture shots like this, which re-affirms how wonderful human beings are, will always feel special to me.

If you want your wedding fuss free with no posing, I would love to hear from you.


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