A Liverpool Bride (Why I Love This Picture)


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A Liverpool Bride


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Being a Liverpool Wedding Photographer is something I am very passionate about. Liverpool has been on the up and up and over the last 20 years has literally been transformed. I love photographing weddings in this amazing city, check out my article 5 Reasons To Get Married in Liverpool. There has also been a massive growth in super cool Wedding venues to choose from if you decide to get married in Liverpool.

For my Why I love This picture series I have chosen a photograph from the amazing Allerton Manor Golf Club. It’s From the most intense part of the day – The wedding vows, I was lucky enough to catch a special moment as I was being  David & Latifah’s Allerton Manor Golf Club Wedding Photographer.

David & Latifah were such a special couple, it was so easy to see the immense feelings they have for each other. It’s such an amazing experience being a wedding photographer, you get to share in the love and excitement of the wedding day, and more importantly, I get to capture moments with my beloved cameras that I know my couples are going to treasure for the rest of their married lives!

It was amazing to witness the exchange of wedding rings, this photograph was taken just after Latifah had placed the ring on David’s hand. You could literally feel the room erupt in goodwill and cheering for the happy couple. I must admit to getting carried away with the emotions of the day and have been known to wipe away the odd tear or two during the wedding ceremony, the speeches, the first dance……..

This was my first wedding at Allerton Manor Golf Club wedding venue in their second season and I was well impressed. Amazing grounds, stunning barn conversion for the ceremony and wedding breakfast. The Hayloft ceremony room has amazing light falling on the lucky couples for the wedding vows and makes the photographs look amazing. The staff at Allerton Manor were brilliant too and really worked with the couple and me to make their special day even more special.

You can really see the joy on the brides face in the photograph, and having her mother and brother looking on with such joy on their faces will only make this photo more and more valuable to the happy couple as time passes. I’m sure their children will love to see how happy their mother was as she married their father!

I hope my next wedding as a Liverpool Wedding Photographer has as much emotion and love as this amazing wedding. It’s a great feeling to go home at the end of another immense wedding, knowing you have completely nailed it for your couple, it’s sometimes hard to go to sleep you are so keyed up!

If you are getting married at Allerton manor Golf club or any other wedding venue in Liverpool, I would love to hear from you. Maybe sometime soon I could be at your wedding capturing images that really matter to you! Read my article Top Wedding Venues in Liverpool for more information on great venues in Liverpool.



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