Things I Love About Weddings

I love being a Liverpool Wedding Photographer. It is a very life-affirming thing to do. My clients are having an amazing time on one of the best days of their lives and even most of the tears are usually happy ones! It’s such a thrill to get great feedback from my clients to say how much they love the photographs. It really is a rewarding job! As a documentary wedding photographer, I am trying to capture as much of the real moments and connections between people as I can. It’s what makes photography so powerful, the ability to freeze a priceless moment in time and be able to revisit that moment again and again. The couple portraits might wow at first but as my clients get older those moments captured of loved ones will become priceless and will be the images that have the most value.

These are some of the things I love shooting at weddings!


I Love kids at weddings. They are like the little naive clowns of the wedding day. They bring a real sense of innocence and wonder to a wedding, and I love to observe them during the day having a magical time. They can be hilarious too after raiding the sweet stall and getting on the dance floor before the first dance to show the big folk how to let it all down. They are there to remind us how to be in the moment and see the joy in everything around us. I love photographing them unawares as they play together or wind up their mums and dads!



Kids playing with dandelions before the wedding ceremony



Emotional Dads

It must be such a heart-wrenching day for the father of the bride. A day of real happiness and a little sadness to be losing his little girl. It’s really life affirming to capture the reaction when he sees his daughter in her dress for the first time during the bridal preparations/or becoming emotional during the wedding ceremony.



Father of the bride sees the bride in her dress for the first time



Special Moments Between the Bride And Groom

There are some key moments during a wedding that you just have to capture. Like when the bride and groom first greet each other as the bride walks up the aisle. Another great moment iswhen the couple look deep into each other’s eyes during the exchange of vows and rings. My favourite photographs of the couple are the ones when they have a little time alone. The in between times like when they are waiting to walk into the wedding breakfast. The looks, the glances and the laughs, all real treasure for a wedding photographer!






Dance Floor Craziness

If the DJ is worth his salt he should have a warmed up crowd going crazy on the dance floor right after the first dance. Lets face it people will have had a few drinks at this point and its time to let your hair down. I’m usually right in there with my wide-angle lens trying to get some amazing dance floor action. The atmosphere sometimes revs me up so much I struggle to sleep that night!!



Wedding guests on the dancefloor



Cool Wedding Cars

There are wedding cars, and there are cool wedding cars. There is nothing like rolling up to the church in a proper classic Bentley or Rolls. I love the modern rolls too, it’s styling is strangely like the Lady Penelope rolls from Thunderbirds. But for the ultimate cool, try a classic Porsche 356 roadster.



Porsche 356 wedding car



Friendly Vicars/Priests

The wedding day can be a bit stressful for us wedding photographers. It’s nice to arrive at the church and meet a friendly and helpful priest/vicar. It really is worth doing your research before you book a church. Obviously if its your family parish that’s a different story, but if you want a church wedding make sure your photographer can actually stay around the altar and take photographs. It’s becoming rare these days, but I have been told a few times that I need to stand at the back of the church! A real downer for the photography as there is nothing better than a photograph of really beautiful moment between the couple during the ceremony.


Emotional Mums

Like the father of the bride, it’s wonderful to capture as many lovely moments of the mother of the bride or groom throughout the day. It’s almost guaranteed that mum will shed a tear during the bridal preparations and the wedding ceremony. It’s my job to capture this loveliness and preserve it for all time for my clients. It must be amazing to look at a photograph of your dear old mum shedding a tear at a peak moment during your wedding.



Mother of the bride hugs the bride



Great Sunsets

The whole universe loves a good sunset. I bet even field mice get all misty eyed as they hold paws during a beautiful sunset. Photographers call this time of the day ‘the golden hour’ because there is nothing like the colour of the light at this part of the day. It’s ace to capture a top moment between the bride and groom as the sun sets. It doesn’t get anymore epic than that.



Bride and groom hold hands at sunset



I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings. If you are looking for a relaxed and fun day with your photographer without once having to think about your photographs Get in Touch.


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