Any Questions?


I can appreciate it must be overwhelming looking for a photographer that suits you. There are a lot of fantastic photographers out there who all have their own way of doing things. I have included most of the questions I have been asked over the years.

I will be happy to answer any questions you might have that are not covered below. Just get in touch.




How would you describe your style of photography?


Most of my clients would like to just forget about the photography and enjoy their day. My style of wedding photography gives you that freedom.

I will literally be the ‘guest with the camera’ and will blend in with your family and friends photographing the day as it unfolds. I won’t ask you to pretend to put your make up on or do a reservoir dogs shot with the groom and his ushers. I won't ask you to do anything at all.

But what I will do is capture all of your peak moments throughout the day. All the beautiful stuff. The looks, the glances, the laughter, the stuff you don’t see and the stuff you will never forget.



I hate posing for a photograph. How can you help?


I know how you feel! I hate having my photograph taken and I do not look relaxed if asked to smile! It is what led me to my style of natural wedding photography, because I know how it feels to feel uncomfortable when asked to smile for a camera.

For the majority of the day I will capture the day naturally, I want your photography to look real, exciting and spontaneous. I would also like to capture the connection and love between the two. All I ask is 20 minutes in which I capture relaxed natural images of you two walking together having fun. I will photograph you discretely, the images will be real moments between the two of you.



You are based in Liverpool, do you travel elsewhere?


Although I am based in Liverpool I travel around the North West and the rest of the U.K. Travel up to 100 miles is included in my prices.

If your wedding is further away I charge for travel expenses and overnight stay at a local hotel.


Do you do destination weddings?


I love the opportunity to travel and see new places! I just ask for my travel expenses along with the package price.


How can we meet if we live in another part of the country?


That is not a problem, we can Skype which is just as good as a face to face meeting.


How long do you photograph at our wedding?


I offer a full day’s coverage which lasts from your bridal preparations until after the first dance.up to 9pm. This means I capture the whole of your wedding story from start to finish.



I post complete weddings on my wedding photography blog. I also have a Featured weddings page where you will find some of my favourite past weddings.





I have equipment that can photograph in any weather or lighting conditions. My equipment is capable of shooting in very low light. More importantly I have the experience and imagination to adapt to any lighting or weather conditions without the need for flash, keeping me discrete at all times and you oblivious of my presence.

Do you offer albums?


I offer a fantastic range of handmade storybook albums from a small family business in Europe. The company is literally the owner and his brother in law so the albums are created with real passion and artistry. The range of cover options is mindblowing.

How many photos do we receive?


I do not set an upper limit on the photographs you receive although it is usually around 400 images. All my photographs are carefully edited using my bespoke film look style.

When will we be able to view our pictures?


It depends how busy I am although it usually takes between 4-6 weeks. I am happy to publish some teaser images on my facebook page to keep the excitement going!

Are the photographs watermarked? Will I be able to print them?


I will provide high resolution photographs which are watermark and copyright free and ready to print at any high street or online photo printers. I also provide smaller files which you can upload to facebook or whatever is your favourite social media.

Do you do family portraits?

I am pretty good with a crowd and have mastered the art of quick family formals, so you can get back to relaxing with friends and family.

With help from your ushers and bridesmaids I can do 8 family groups including the large group shot in 20 minutes.

What happens if your equipment fails?


I work with 2 top of the range professional Nikon cameras and also carry a spare professional camera in the car, so I am totally covered. I also have back up lenses and memory cards. You can be rest assured that any breakdown of equipment is fully backed up by additional working equipment.

At a recent wedding we attended, the bride & groom went missing for hours with the photographer, do you do the same?

No not at all! My whole philosophy is about you forgetting about the photography and enjoying your day. If posing for a few hours is your idea of fun on your wedding day then you have come to the wrong place!

I offer a very relaxed portrait session which lasts 20 minutes in which I will ask you to walk around the venue grounds chatting and having fun, stopping off at scenic spots while I photograph you from a distance. I will be waiting to capture real intimate moments between the two of you.




Are you a full time wedding photographer?

I am lucky enough to be doing something I love as a full time professional. Although I only shoot 30 weddings a year. This keeps me fresh and able to give my full energy and enthusiasm to all of my clients.

What packages do you offer?


I just have one price for me to shoot your day. You can choose an album before or after the wedding, although the price is lower if you choose an album package when you book. To see what's included go to my prices & contact page

How much is the deposit?


To secure your date I need a £300 booking fee and a signed contract.

How do we book?


Ideally we can meet up or Skype to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Once you have signed the contract and paid the booking fee I will reserve your date and turn away any other enquiries on your date.

Are we on the same page?


Get in touch to check my availability