Why I Love Shooting At The West Tower

Why I Love Shooting At The West Tower


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I Love being a West Tower Wedding Photographer. It’s a gorgeous venue, and I want to tell you guys why you should From the bridal suite to the ceremony/wedding breakfast room the West Tower is classy and elegant. Built-in 1885 as a family home the West Tower will be an amazing backdrop to your wedding photos. This stunning venue has 19 luxurious bedrooms, a beautiful bridal suite, three reception rooms and an elegant ballroom for the evening celebrations.

The windows all along the outside wall of the ceremony room give loads of lovely light, which help a photographer create great photographs. The grounds have a stunning view across the Lancashire countryside and look fantastic if you are lucky enough to get a great sunset. But most of all the West Tower has amazing customer service.

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Amazing Staff

Apart from being a beautiful venue, I think the West Tower really is one of the top venues for customer experience. The staff are very friendly and helpful and every wedding coordinator I have ever worked with really are top-notch. Friendly, helpful and they actually care a great deal about giving the client the best day they possibly can.

At a wedding, I shot last September I recognised a bar staff member and said hello. It had been over a year since I had last been to West Tower and I was surprised he was still there. He told me he loved working there and the management really treat the staff well! I normally don’t ask that my clients provide a meal for me, although I usually ask the wedding coordinator if any food has been provided. A lot of the time you really have to chase them.

The last time I shot at the West Tower the wedding coordinator came straight up to me to tell me that my dinner would be served straight after the guests received theirs. I can count the wedding venues on one hand that this has happened! West Tower really knows how to keep their bride and grooms happy, if you want to know how to have a relaxed wedding day check out my Top 10 Tips For A Great Wedding Day.



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Natural, Unposed Wedding Photographer

Even though I am a natural, unposed wedding photographer, I still respect that most clients want a set of family formals photographing. I also love to capture relaxed un-posed portraits of the couple too. The best time to do this is usually in-between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. Here is one of my favourite photographs from the West tower. I normally don’t take a lot of time to do this, but I have never been rushed by the staff at the West Tower. about how you are going to look in your wedding photos, check out my guide on How To Look Great In Your Wedding Photos. If you are worried If I have ever had to ask for an extra 20 minutes (if things have run late) the coordinator has always been happy to push things forward a little.


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Superb DJ

Steve Mitchell the resident DJ is genuinely one of the best DJ’s I have come across in my time as a wedding photographer. He is also a great showman and gets the guests revved up for a big entrance to the first dance. Most importantly he can keep the guests on the dance floor after the first dance has ended with some wicked music.

The West Tower has Amazing Customer Service

I think one of the biggest things to look out for in a wedding venue is customer service. However stunning a venue is, if the customer service is not very good your day could lose some of its shine. This is why I love shooting at the West Tower – the staff have always been great and it has always been a pleasure to work there. It is obvious the management look after their employees so well they perform so much better in their roles. The fact that it is also a beautiful venue that will provide a stunning backdrop to your wedding photographs makes the West Tower one of the top wedding venues in the North West in my humble opinion. If you are still looking for a wedding venue, check out my article on How To Choose Your wedding venue.

If you are looking for a relaxed day with no posing, with a photographer who can capture all the best moments from your day please get in touch.



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