Sian & will Pre-wedding photography


It seems a a sunny day is getting rarer in the UK, so it was great to do our pre-wedding shoot in the gloriously short lived sunny spell last week along Hope street.

It’s been 18 months since Sian & will booked me for their wedding at Iscoyd Park in Shropshire, which is why the pre-wedding shoot is such a great way to catch up and get to know my clients before the big day.

It shows how beautiful it is in the Georgian Quarter of Liverpool that we only walked half way along Hope street and managed to capture everything we needed.

As well as living around here I really love shooting here too.

Hope you enjoy the photographs!


Couple outside Liverpool PhilarmonicCouple leaning against a pillarClose up of coupleCouple on staircasesian & Will Pre-Wedding06Couple holding each other Close up of couple huggingCouple sitting on benchReflection of couple in windowClose up of couple smiling togetherCouple sitting on stepsCouple share a jokeCouple smiling at each other

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