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Liverpool Is A Great Place For Engagement Photography

Liverpool has such a wealth of beautiful architecture and natural locations to choose from for Engagement photography. From the Albert Dock to Formby beach, there are a lot of beautiful spots to provide a stunning backdrop to the engagement photographs. I offer engagement shoots for couples who would like some beautiful images of themselves in a more relaxed setting. Such an amazing place to be a Liverpool Wedding Photographer!

A lot of my couples are not big fans of being photographed or posing. My style is very relaxed and I will generally ask the couple to just walk around and have fun, I might ask for them to stand in a nice spot but that is as much as I will direct. The images I take are then real moments between the couple and real show of affection, the couple have a great time and I capture some amazing shots of them together. If you are recently engaged check out my 5 Reasons to Get Married in Liverpool article!

A Real ‘Engagement Shoot!’

I was contacted by Yi Min & Eric who were planning to visit Liverpool but mostly to watch Eric’s beloved football team – Liverpool F.C. They wanted to have some photographs taken as a reminder of their visit. Eric explained when he became a fan of Liverpool; “It was the European cup final in Istanbul 2005. I was a young boy at the time and it was an amazing game, probably the greatest come back of all time.” Eric became a life long fan after this amazing European final.

We had just finished a coffee and a chat and were about to start the photography when Eric pulled me aside and told me he really was going to propose to Yi-Min. I must admit I have never photographed an actual proposal before! I was certainly nervous but confident I could nail it. People don’t usually propose on the shoot!!! Most of my engagement shoots are for clients who have booked wedding photography or are visiting the city and want a relaxed couple shoot as a memento of visiting the city. So to be told it really was an ‘engagement shoot’ was an exciting prospect. Eric didn’t waste any time either he had the ring whipped out within minutes of us starting, probably because he was so nervous and wanted to do it as soon a possible. Find the Top Wedding Venues In Liverpool that is just right for you.

The Marriage Proposal

The moment Eric proposed really was an amazing thing to photograph. I had to guess what was happening as the ‘signal’ had not come from Eric that he was about to propose to Yi-Min. The answer was a big yes and the couple really were ecstatic for the whole of the shoot, I hope you can see that in the photographs. Shooting in a relaxed unposed way allows me to capture the real moments of affection and love between my couples and you can see it in the photograph.

I am thrilled that Yi-Min and Eric will have a photographic document with images that will bring up real memories for them, and especially images of such a life changing event – a proposal of marriage! Did you know after you have tied the knot Liverpool is a great place to have a Honeymoon in Liverpool?

couple walk along Albert Dock Liverpoolcouple share a joke in Albert Dockclose up of couple smilingfiance gets down on one knee to propose to girlfriendBride smiles as she looks at engagement ringGroom smiles as proposes to his fianceClose up of engagement ring on woman's hand

Engaged couple share a jokeEngaged couple walk in Albert dockEngaged couple smile together woman holds mans head in her handsEngaged couple walk past the Maritime museumEngaged couple walking together towards Liverpool OneEngaged couple with cars passing by

Liverpool Engagement photographerEngaged couple share a joke as they walk alongEngaged couple walking through Liverpool OneEngaged couple smile together as they walk Engaged couple walk with reflection in glass


If you are looking for a Liverpool engagement photographer who can capture beautiful images of you two as a couple without any awkward posing, I would love to hear from you!


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