I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles – Why I Love This Picture

I really love being a documentary wedding photographer. It’s ace capturing photographs of the kids having fun too.

This little boy had just been twirling around watching the bubbles in his own world with a massive smile on his face, when his mum picked him up to get a closer view on things. It was ever so nice of his aunt to provide the bubbles.

You can see he is still in bubble land as he watches them float past.

That is what I am trying to capture as a wedding photographer – the look of pure joy on this kids face.

Kids are great at weddings because they bring a lot of innocence, humour and love to a wedding. A wedding to a child must be an amazing thing, we forget how intensely children feel things and how BIG these type of events are.

My style of wedding photography is totally non intrusive and I carry lenses around that allow me not to use flash throughout the day even in the night time.

I shoot a small set of family formals and a short set of relaxed couple portraits with no posing which allows me to focus on the real stuff that happens throughout the wedding day.

My clients want photographs not just of themselves, but of all of the special people their lives and that is what I deliver to them – a collection of photographs which reflects all of the love, laughter and tears that was their own beautiful day.

If you are looking for a photographer who can capture your day without any posing or direction please get in touch



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