I love you mum – Why I love this picture

Weddings are such amazing events, and any wedding photographer will tell you they love what they do. Being involved in one of the best days in your client’s life is a fantastic rewarding experience. We get to capture some of the most happy and joyful moments in a persons life, and get to meet a lot of very interesting people.

The buzz and excitement, the love and happiness are always bursting from everybody, family friends, distant relations; they are all so happy for the bride and groom. I guess there is no one as happy for the bride and groom than the parents and dare I say it especially mum. It is always mum that will shed the first tear during the wedding ceremony, and give the biggest cheer when they are pronounced husband & wife.

Mum had just finished dressing the bride and had given her the biggest hug. As they pulled away they held each other for a moment and there was that ‘look’ that says it all.I love wedding photography because I get to capture beautiful moments like this. I hope you like this photograph, If you do it would be nice if you can share it too.



Bride and her mum look into each others eyes



It is such a buzz to photograph moments like this.

This is mum saying I love you so much and I am so happy for you.

It is the moment when two people realise how much they love each other and they can see it in each other’s eyes.

This moment is Beautiful and timeless.

As a documentary wedding photographer I don’t orchestrate or interfere in any way during the day.

I work tirelessly to capture as much of the raw emotion and beauty that is a wedding by observing and photographing the key moments throughout the day.

The photographs that I give to my clients tell the real story of the wedding day in all of its heart wrenching beauty and wonder.

I love being a wedding photographer because I get to capture epic moments like this.

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