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Why I Love This Picture


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As a Liverpool Wedding photographer, I am privileged to witness some very profound and emotional moments from my happy couples wedding day. Stuff that only happens once in a lifetime.

There are some very emotionally charged moments from the wedding day like the bride showing her dress to her father for the first time, and the moment the groom turns around to see his bride after she walks up the aisle to name but two.

As a wedding photographer, it’s very important that I capture as many moments like this as I can and having the very best camera equipment is just a start. As a documentary wedding photographer, I am waiting and preparing myself for these critical points in the day. My focus is being in the right place when these amazing moments happen so I can get the best angle and light to make the photograph even more special. The holy trinity of a good candid photograph are moment, light and composition. If I can get all three I have something very special to give my clients!

If you love photography, one factor to great photographs is good light. Some Top Wedding Venues In Liverpool are better than others in this regard, so it’s worth considering as I explain How To Choose A Wedding Venue.


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Bride arrives at the wedding ceremony in the wedding car


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I love this photograph because it’s a very rare moment and I was also lucky in how the image came together, it was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time!

Charlotte and her dad were obviously very close. Dad was still very protective of his daughter and it really showed. As Charlotte arrived at the church and was just about to leave the car, she hesitated for a moment with a look of apprehension I noticed dad’s look of concern for his daughter as a reflection in the car window. He looked like he just wanted to give her a big hug and make her feel safe.

Weddings are full of amazing deep emotional moments like this one. A daughter feeling a little overwhelmed by the enormity of what she is about to do, and her dad being there to give her his love and support as he leads her to her new life. Priceless.

Big moments are happening all of the time at a wedding. As a wedding photographer, if we are open to what is happening all around, rather than trying to impose our will on it, we can be ready to capture it in all of its beauty and wonder!


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