Emotional Bridesmaids – Why I love this picture

One of the most exciting and emotional parts of the wedding day has got to be when the bride walks up the aisle.

After literally years of dreaming and planning and plain old hard work this is the moment when it really happens!

As well as photographing the bride and groom during this time I am always on the look out for reactions from friends and family too.

I really love this picture because it doesn’t get any more emotional than this. The bridesmaids were the brides sisters and right from the bridal preps they were so happy for their big sister and they did not stop telling her how beautiful she looked. (She did too).

This image is what wedding photography is all about for me. Pure emotion. This image will hopefully bring a tear and a happy memory for the couple as they look through their album with their children in years to come.

The bridesmaids really were an emotional pair. I managed to capture them shedding a tear during the speeches and the first dance too!

That is why I shoot weddings in a documentary style. I do not set up any shots or direct in any way, so when touching moments like this happen, I am ready to capture this for the couple as more than likely they will have missed seeing it for themselves.

I hope you love this picture too.

bridesmaids crying as bride walks up the aisle in church



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