What is a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

Would you like:

A stress free day with the photographer in the background?

A set of images that really tell a story?

Don’t like posing but want fab couple photos?

A photograph has the magical ability to freeze a moment in time and in doing so it reveals the power of emotion in that moment.

This still image can return you to the emotion in that moment every time you view the photograph.

I take a totally different approach to your wedding. Rather than stage managing shots, I will shoot from the perspective of one of your guests.

By blending in and becoming part of the background, I will capture the real, beautiful stuff that happens throughout your special day.

“It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness.”Paul Strand

Bride and groom hug and laugh together

So what does a documentary wedding photographer do?

Well maybe it’s better if I start with what I won’t do.

I won’t boss you around. Ask you to look in the mirror and pretend to apply make up. Ask you to hug your mum or dad (they do that anyway!).

Jump in the car as you arrive at the church and ask your dad to give you a kiss. Shout at any of the guests for getting in the way of “the shot”.

Drag you around for a few hours on your portrait shoot. Ask you to say cheese until your jaws ache.

Go to my approach page for more information on how I shoot your wedding.

I won’t ask you to do anything at all apart from the obvious – Have the most amazing day of your life while I photograph all of your amazing moments from your wedding day without any intrusion, direction or instruction from me.

In fact you can just forget about me as your photographer. All you need to know is that I will be in the background capturing every beautiful moment you and your partner experience throughout the day. To see some of my favourite moments from my weddings go to my portfolio page.

I am a wedding storyteller using images. As every shot I take during the day is a real truthful moment in time, when these photographs are weaved together they become the most beautiful story of your wedding day.

Most of my clients feel a little awkward in front of a camera. I feel the same way! This is the main reason I became a documentary wedding photographer.

Because I am in the background capturing natural moments, you won’t even notice I am there most of the time. Your wedding is about the big moments between the two of you and your family and friends. The fun stuff, the loving stuff and the sad stuff too.

The things you see and all of the stuff that you don’t. I will be there to capture the story of your day with heart wrenching images that will take you right back to that moment.

Bride hugging her aunt during bridal preparations

A big hug from a close family friend as the bride gets ready.

Hate posing? You don’t have to!

Does the idea of posing for the camera with your partner fill you with dread? You really don’t have to! For my couple shoot I just ask you to walk around your venue holding hands and enjoying the moment as I capture you two at a distance. I might ask you to stop at certain point, but that is as much as I direct you. So the photographs I take of you two are real moments of affection, not some static uncomfortable pose you have seen a million times before. The shoot only lasts for 15-20 minutes so you are back with your favourite people before you know it!

Bride and groom hold each other with a beautiful sunset

This is a real moment between the bride and groom. All I asked was for the couple to walk to a certain place and face each other. I won’t shout directions, like ask you to kiss or anything as cheesy as that! This couple commented that after a few minutes they forgot they were being photographed and were just lost in the moment!

I really love to capture the real story of your wedding with powerful images that really will take you back to the best moments from your day. 

If you value real moments over the tired clichéd images that pass for wedding photography just get in touch!




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