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Why I Love This Picture



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The West Tower is such an amazing wedding venue, and one of the many reasons Why I Love shooting weddings at the West Tower is that the customer service is the best of any venue I have shot at. A bold statement, but I don’t go to many wedding venues where the venue offers your lowly wedding photographer a meal even when the bride and groom haven’t set one aside for you! The attention to detail throughout the day, making sure everything goes smoothly for the happy couple is amazing.

You can have the grandest wedding venue, the most amazing grounds, but if the service is not up to scratch it will seriously dampen your wedding day. The customer service in the West tower is second to none. This is why I love being a West Tower Wedding Photographer.

If you are still looking for a wedding venue, seriously check out the West Tower it’s got a lot to offer. If you are still looking for a wedding venue, I have a handy guide on How To Choose Your Wedding Venue.

Weddings provide so many amazing moments, it really is a rollercoaster of an emotional ride throughout the wedding day What’s my favourite moment during a wedding? Well to be honest, being a wedding photographer you get to witness some very special moments during the wedding day, like the first time the father of the bride sees his daughter in her wedding dress. Another great moment is the first time the groom sees the bride as she walks up the aisle (I Love photographing this moment). My favourite of all though is the moment the celebrant or priest says the immortal words “I now pronounce you…..” and the wedding guests erupt in a wave of applause and cheering. You can’t help feeling joy and happiness for the newlyweds. Want a chilled out wedding day? Check out my guide 15 Top Tips For A Relaxed Wedding Day.

I love this wedding photograph because it captures perfectly the moment when the bride and groom are officially announced. I love the bridesmaid’s reaction, she is ecstatic for the bride and groom. Also, the Mother and of the bride. Pure happiness and joy! I love the expression of the father of the bride, he’s looking at the bridesmaid as if to say ‘steady on’ as she screams with joy. It’s such a great feeling to photograph images like this for my couples, it really keeps me loving my job as a wedding photographer. I hope the bride and groom love this picture as much as I loved photographing it.

Are you looking for a wedding photographer for your West Tower wedding or any other wedding venue in the UK? Please get in touch to tell me more about your plans!

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