Belgian Destination Wedding | Bas & Lars


All weddings are very emotional events and there are usually lot’s of laughter and plenty of tears too. I must say though, this particular wedding was an epic tearjerker of the highest order.

Bas & Lars had tied the knot the previous year with just their immediate family, so this wedding was for all of their many friends and extended family.

They hired a ‘wedding storyteller’ who had asked so many questions about the couple it seemed like she was an old friend and she had everyone laughing and crying in equal measure.

Plus with both Bas & Lars being very emotional (to say the least) they had everyone reaching for their handkerchiefs too!

On a beautiful day in the Belgian countryside I genuinely have never seen so many people crying and laughing at a wedding.

The ‘ceremony’ lasted for nearly 2 hours in which they also asked four good friends to talk about the present, past and the future, again with very emotional results!


I hope you enjoy the photographs!



Landscape shot of Wedding venueM&M sweets on bedHangover kit Wedding MarqueeGroom getting ready reflection in mirrorGroom adjusts his necktieSame sex couple adjusting each others necktiesClose up of grooms handGroom looking in mirrorPartner helping groom into his suitSilhouette of groom Same sex couple close up portraitGuest hugging groomGroom greeting guest

Wedding guests having funTree decorated with ribbonsGuests laughing during ceremony

Celebrant giving speech

wedding guest shedding a tearGroom becomes emotionalWedding guest sheds a tearBoth partners shedding a tearGuest giving speechGroom laughing at guests speechGrooms parents laugh at speechLars looks lovingly at his partner BasBas work colleague gives speechBas & Lars laugh at speechBas gives guest a hugBook on table

Bas's sister gives her speechBas laughs at jokeGuests laugh during a speechLittle girl with hatBas hugs his sisterBas & Lars togetherGuest wipes away a tearBas & lars hug each otherBas rests his head on LarsLars kisses BasBas & lars laugh at speechBas & Lars laugh during the speechesMother and father of the groom hold handsMother of the groom wipes away tearsThe happy couple thank the speakerA wedding guest wipes away a tear

The newlyweds make a toastWedding guests lift their glasses up to toastMothers of the happy coule hugThe celebrant hugs the happy coupleLars hugs Bas's motherBas's mother wipes away a tearWedding guest hugs BasWedding guests share a jokeChildren play in swimming poolThe happy couple hold each other for a portraitThe newlyweds hold each other in a fieldBas & Lars share a jokeChildrens pens and paperKids messing about with photo booth

The happy couple do the first danceLars dances with his mumBas dances with his mumGuests dancingGuests cheeringGuest dancing with hands in the airGuests larking about


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