A Liverpool Bride & Groom (Why I Love This Picture)


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A Liverpool Bride & Groom


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Over the last few wedding seasons, I have had the honour of being a Liverpool Wedding Photographer for an increasing number of out of town couples. Liverpool is cementing its reputation as a fabulous UK city with so much to offer prospective couples looking for a great destination for their wedding day. Check out my 5 Reasons To Get Married in Liverpool.

Liverpool has really taken off Since it was home to the City Of culture in 2008. I think the fact that we have so many fabulous new Wedding venues in Liverpool shows the demand for weddings in Liverpool is only increasing. I love shooting weddings and it’s always fun to travel the country photographing some amazing couples special day, but it’s nice to get home at a reasonable time and wake up the following day with my family!

The fact that we have some of the most amazing wedding venues in the North West only makes it more and more attractive to couples looking for a great place to get married and also keeps little old me very happy to be a wedding photographer in Liverpool. Check out my article Top Wedding Venues in Liverpool.

The picture I have chosen for my why I love this picture series is of a fabulous couple who studied and fell in love in Liverpool! I really do sometimes get envious of students coming to Liverpool to study it must be a truly amazing experience. To see other pictures I love check out A Liverpool Bride and A Liverpool Groom

The nightlife is stunning and there is so much to do. Eleanor & Will are part of a growing number of graduates who can now stay in Liverpool as the economy is so much stronger and it’s only making Liverpool a better city too.

I love this picture as it is a great moment of Will & Eleanor having fun. It also showcases the amazing new buildings on the Liverpool waterfront. I asked Will & Eleanor to just walk and have fun and I was very pleased to grab this shot of them sharing a joke. They look fabulous together and I love that the symmetry works in the reflection too. I try to make my couple shoot as relaxed as possible and this image is a great example of this.

I had such an amazing day shooting Eleanor & Will’s wedding. It was nonstop drama from the bridal preparations, an amazing wedding ceremony in the Town Hall and a fabulous drinks reception at Oh Me Oh My! (One of my fave wedding venues in Liverpool). There are also some very cool Outdoor Wedding Venues in Liverpool too!

The happy couple also had a super cool surprise for everyone as they had the fabulous Hardcore Hornography New Orleans style brass & percussion band blasting away as they walked back down the aisle together. It was a real thrill to document and photograph the band leading the wedding party out of the Town Hall and onto Exchange flags for the confetti throw. The wedding party then proceeded to walk down water street towards Oh Me Oh My! With the band blasting away as I snapped away with my camera.

Love, love, love being a wedding photographer, especially cool couples who know how to spin things a little differently like Eleanor & Will. If you are thinking about getting married in Liverpool don’t think twice just do it!

If you are still looking for a Liverpool wedding photographer that will capture real moments form your day please get in touch, I would love to hear about your plans!



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